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MyWellnessSpace.com (how many eyeballs do you need?)

medflymedfly subscriber Posts: 2
edited March 2007 in Marketing
I`m set to launch mywellnessspace.com in April. It has the look and feel of myspace but is more towards a niche market of wellness. You can check it out if you like it is not live yet www.mywellnessspace.com/wellness</A>. My question is this, how many eyeballs/members do you need before you can approach say endless pools for advertising? 5,000 10,000. Or can you approach them before you have your first member. How do you charge? Size of add? Any input would greatly appreciated. Hey Tom if you read this please shoot me an email.


  • medflymedfly subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks very much for your input. I know time is money and I appreciate you taking the time to visit my site. I guess your right. I know what I want to accomplish with the site so I better voice it. It will be a space for people to share diet ideas and experiences. I place to start a walking club, biking club. A place to find a workout buddy. The most inportant part of site is still under development. The wellness tools tab will be added when the caloried counter and other tools are finish. This will actually give the member ther reason for joining and logging on.
  • SolidGrndSolidGrnd subscriber Posts: 11
    Have you checked out www.sparkpeople.com</A>? It is mostly for dieting...but very similar in idea. I really like your site...but I almost want to warn against looking sooooo much like MySpace. It seems to me that you don`t want to be a knock-off...but rather a solid community of yoru own...and your site just looks SOOOOO much like MySpace.
    I love the idea though...great type of community to be a part of. The fitness, health, and wellness industry is so critical these days! Best of luck to you!
  • medflymedfly subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks for your reply I have to take it all in before I post something worth while.
  • medflymedfly subscriber Posts: 2
    A 150,000,000 people don`t seem to hate it so much.
    The site will change with time and membership levels.
    I didn`t go out and raise a million dollars for this startup so my financial resources are limited. I think for not even a beta site, it looks and functions pretty good.
    My orginal post was about membership levels and how to post some adds in order to make a little money. I would really like the site to help people first, but you have to generate some $$$ to make changes and hire staff at some point to make the site even more beneficial.
    What I don`t want to be is a sparkpeople site. We have learned through our Wellness center and Wellness software that what works best is word of mouth. When you have a coach or someone telling you what to do you are less likely to do. When a peer who has lowered their blood pressure because they are now envolved in a wellness program tells you this you are more likely to lessen and be motivated.
    Once again thanks for the input, although a feel a little beat up about the appearance of the siteit is great to have feedback and if it wasn`t for the Sloan brothers I would have no one to go back and forth with.
  • SolidGrndSolidGrnd subscriber Posts: 11
    Hey Medfly...sorry...didn`t mean to start a beating. I think the image of your site is important in getting the funding you are looking for...especially since your business IS the site! There are a few other sites...one of which is not exactly the same idea as your but as with sparkpeople...there are forums and community members DO interact with each other, help each other, build on their experiences together with the help of the information provided by the sight itself.
    I know with my own site...because I am so passionate about my idea and my vision, I often overlook what others are seeing in my site and my idea because I think they are full of crap...they just can`t see the vision I have. But that is how I have to sell it...by what THEY see...not what I see. (I amnot sure that makes sense...Craig or someone might be able to elaborate better on that idea.)
    Check out www.dailyom.com</A> I have been a member for a while...and it is a very inspirational, uplifting community to be a part of...similar to SuN only on the more spiritual, mind aspect.
    I think your idea is great...but I think if you are trying to SELL the idea, and get funding...you have to make it more unique...not a spin off of MySpace...which yes...is popular (I use it daily)...but the others are right...there are a lot of issues...and eventually...I see them failing because people are going to get tired of all the issues. The question is...do you want people to attach the MySpace issues to your sight because they look similar...cuz that is what will ultimately happen.
    I have been trying to find the other site that I use to go to...they were a startup and they may not have made it...I thought for sure I had gotten an email from them not to long ago stating they had changed their site...but I can`t find it. Their name had "headquarters" in it...I think...but it is just not coming to mind. If I find it...I will drop you another line with it...cuz their idea was very similar to what you are trying to do.
    Anyway...best of luck!
  • medflymedfly subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks for all the input...the good... the bad... and the ugly
    I have a lot of work ahead of me.
    dailyom.com is a nice site...thanks for your input
  • SolidGrndSolidGrnd subscriber Posts: 11
    My pleasure (hope I wasn`t too harsh)...glad you like DailyOM...I have really liked!
    Best of luck to you! Let us know if/when you change things...would love to see the progression!!
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