Garment invention: licensing advice needed

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I have a Provisional Patent for a garment invention and am feeling a bit stuck with my next step.  I`m feeling the clock ticking on my patent as well as seeing competitive(yet different) products coming out which validate the need for my product but let me know I need to hurry and get this out. 
So far I have a written explanation of the invention as well as illustrations of my garment in mulitple uses.  I am trying to figure out if I need a prototype and if so, my garment comes in several styles so am wondering if making one of each would be necessary. 
Part of me would love to try to start a home business but finances are extremely tight and loans are not an option right now so I think I must go the route of licensing.  If anyone wants to talk me out of that I`m all ears!  I don`t have a great concept of how much it would cost to run a home business for a product that would sell for about $20 each but am pretty sure it`s way more than I could come up with at this time.
So, assuming licensing is my best route and lets say I think Hanro or Calvin Klein would be companies that my product would fit well with.  After I have all of my marketing research and data, do I just call them and hope to set up an appointment?  I`m guessing I have to make a pitch over the phone but who might I expect to be talking with- would I ask to be transferred to a specific department?  I`m guessing the receptionist doesn`t want to hear it but can`t imagine it`s too easy to get a call back. 
Sorry for the long-winded question.  I have many, many more but this will hopefully get me some forward momentum!  Thanks for any advice related to this endeavor.mbradford1/22/2009 3:05 PM


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    I appreciate the sage advice. It is challenging to not get carried away with worry that while I`m floundering about with something I know so little about implementing that someone who knows the game a little better or figures it out quicker will snatch it all away!  I recognize(with your help) the folly in this thinking and will try to slow my brain down and let it come a little more smoothly- so thank you!  mbradford1/23/2009 10:50 AM
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