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Hiring A Blogger

miabellacandlesmiabellacandles subscriber Posts: 3
I believe that my business could benefit from a blog but find writing wearisome. If you have hired a blogger, what has your experience been? Any suggestions, tips, advice, etc. are welcomed.


  • CookieMonsterCookieMonster subscriber Posts: 0
    There is a service called PayPerPost that might provide the services you need. http://www.payperpost.com/</A>. Now they require disclosure so I think if you hired a blogger, the blogger has to disclose if they receive payment from you.
  • miabellacandlesmiabellacandles subscriber Posts: 3
    Good tips! And thanks for the pointer to resources right here.
    CookieMonster (an interesting handle) - the resource you suggested is worth a look, too. Thanks!
  • miabellacandlesmiabellacandles subscriber Posts: 3
    Hi Craig,
    I figured you`d weigh in on this topic.
    My husband formerly owned a business that involved a lot of resume
    writing. A large percentage of the people thought that because they owned a
    computer with a word processor and a resume template that they could put out
    the same quality of work that he did. Many of the people who sought his
    services became customers because they realized that their skills lay
    elsewhere. I completely understand - and agree with - your first paragraph.
    Think of a blog as similar to this forum. You can read what others have
    written and comment if you like. The only difference is that you wouldn`t
    start the topic yourself. As with this forum, you would tend to gravitate to
    the blogs that speak to you at some level. While many of them are written by
    individuals for fun or personal satisfaction, quite a few are maintained by
    A blog for my retail candle website would naturally focus on candles. It could discuss every aspect of how they are made, i.e., amount of fragrance oil or essential oil used, properties of different types of waxes, what influences burn time, how moods are affected, etc. Although the proposed blog is not for the retail candle website, it is candle related.
  • miabellacandlesmiabellacandles subscriber Posts: 3
    "Wide variety of ways" is right! My goodness! For the retail site, I do release occasional newsletters using PHPlist to people who have purchased and to people who have subscribed themselves to the list.
  • miabellacandlesmiabellacandles subscriber Posts: 3
  • pmalpmal subscriber Posts: 0
    I am curious, what is your business about?
    Are you looking to reach international consumers?
  • miabellacandlesmiabellacandles subscriber Posts: 3
    The blog would be connected with a business that allows people to start their own home based businesses marketing a line of gourmet natural wax candles and spa quality body care products. At this time, the opportunity exists for residents of the US and some Canadian provinces. The URL is http://easyfuncandlebiz.com</A>
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