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I would love some feedback on my new website


Rock Lobster


  • OilGuruOilGuru subscriber Posts: 0
    It lookks good to me. You have followed the "K.I.S.S." principle and it looks just fine.
    P.S. I left a message on your voice mail.
  • heritagetoysheritagetoys subscriber Posts: 0
    Your site is very simple and easy to navigate.  I would put your mailing address in the about us page.  I would also include a way for you to get prospective buyers to interact with the site - for example where you show your products I would put a button like to buy/order this package call one of our knowledganble staff or e-mail us.  Make it easy for someeone interested in your produtcs to contact you.
    My two cents!  All the best,
  • InactiveMemberInactiveMember subscriber Posts: 12
    Decent site, attractive enough, and almost simple enough. Language critiques:
    1. Redefining the poker game. Are you really doing this? Or are you redefining the poker experience? I think you`re redefining the experience, not the game. At any rate, most people won`t pay attention to such statements because the entire idea of redefining something is pretty worn out.
    2. Proof-reading is very important. Your main heading says "What`s We Do:". This is not correct grammar. It should read "What We Do" and omit the colon.
    3. "We feel that is shouldn`t cost a fortune to host a first class poker game."   You need to change the "is" to "it". Even better if you say "It shouldn`t cost a fortune to host a first class poker game." In fact, you could say that below the heading and then have a brief list of your services.
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