Buying the company i work for??

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I currently am the GM for a small manufacturing company. It is currently
owned by the 2 guys that started the company 18 years ago. I would like
some thoughts on the first steps to approaching them about a possible
management buy-out.

I wasn`t sure wether to talked to each one individually or approach them
as a group?

What is a good way to determine a general value of the company?

Any thoughts on financing options??

the company`s sales are about 3 million a year. net profit of about 350
-400,000 after the owners salary.

new to the forum, just trying to get some thoughts .

rock Lobster


  • EllayEllay Posts: 6subscriber
    I would definitely get all of the information I need as far as the costs which I believe can be extracted from the company`s financial report.
    I hate to say the "B" word but a business plan would also help as part of a presentation to the both of them. Touch on what you would improve or change and how that would lead to further success of the company. Similar to a start-up plan for a new business, try to do as much research on competition as well.
    In two words: be prepared.
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