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Need Your Feedback and Advice. Thanks!

Magic456Magic456 subscriber Posts: 1
edited March 2009 in Website Critique
www.socialskillsinstitute.com .
I am also concerned about my new sales page for my EBook. I have been getting lot of mixed messages. I would truly appreciate if you guys could give me feedback on this page: www.socialskillsinstitute.com/how-to-attract-women.htmlThank you very much you guys, this will be very helpful.-MagicMagic4563/19/2009 4:53 AM


  • MattThomasMattThomas subscriber Posts: 2
    I think your banner needs to pop a little more. The logo doesn`t seem clear enough to me what it is or symbolizes, and the banner text is just plain text. Try to use a unique font, or combination of fonts as well as a simpler logo.
    Is this page supposed to be a landing page, solely to convert visitors? If so, consider removing the top navigation--it can distract visitors and cause them to click elsewhere. You don`t want this to happen if you want them to move further down your sales funnel.
    Good luck!
  • menexismenexis subscriber Posts: 1
    In terms the overwall design of the website, you have that cover as that site looks professional. I looked at your contact page and the only other thing I would add is an address. I always look for address and street number before I purchase or buy anything online even if I will not call the number. It just goes the extra mile to convert someone who is interested in your service.
  • banzaibertbanzaibert subscriber Posts: 0
    The text on your banner seems out of place, logo is great although some text is unreadable. Looks very professional, love the videos and the color scheme. I agree with menexis, I hate sites that does not give me any contact number and full address.
  • Magic456Magic456 subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks Matt, menexis and banzaibert! Your feed back is very much appreciated.
    In our industry it is a standard practice not to publish address. This is because some of our students are not socially well calibrated. The last thing you want is stalkers hanging by your work or calling your cell at 3am which believe it or not happens every other night if not every night. May be I can get a P.O. Box and publish. Would that be helpful?
    And what do you guys think of my sales page for EBook: <a class="postlink" href="http://www.socialskillsinstitute.com/how-to-attract-women.html">http://www.socialskillsinstitute.com/ho ... women.html</a>
    Magic4563/19/2009 4:54 AM
  • MattThomasMattThomas subscriber Posts: 2
    The PO Box sounds like a good idea. It will most likely be good as having some kind of mailing address will ensure you look more legitimate.
    I`m not a copywriter so I couldn`t give any expert comments on the actual copy, but the general layout of the copy seems to be well done. As I suggested before, for sales pages such as this, remove the navigation so users don`t get distracted and click away from your sales message. Other than that, I think it all looks pretty good.
    Did you write the copy or did you hire someone to write it?
  • Magic456Magic456 subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi Matt,
    Yeah i think I will get the P.O. Box. Thanks for your feedback.
    Yes I will remove the navigation menu from that page.
    I wrote the copy myself. I tried copywriters in the past but I want my visitors to get message from me as opposed to others. I guess as a coach you sell your personality more than products and I don`t find that with my copywriters.
    My original sales page was four times as long as this one and everyone wanted me to shorten it so I did but now it looks too much sales pressure so was wondering what people thought.
    Thanks again mate!
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