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Young Jedi needs mentor 4 Moving his Company

montechristomontechristo subscriber Posts: 6
     Hey everyone. I just wanted to put it out there that i am as lost as a Incan Tribesman in Iceland and rally, really,REALLY need the help of a mentor to guide me through the steps of entering the formal business economy. Sort of like how recovering alcoholics have a sponsor thats the kind of mentor i need. To give some insight on who I am and what I am about heres a synopsis
 I am a 21 year old college junior from new Jersey attending school in Washington DC. I am a great communicator and love being in charg and connecting my clients with my "business". My business, by the way is Moving/hauling. I have no vehicle and I am contemplating buying a truck but for now I provide labour for my clients. I am asking that somone guide and groom this youths rag tag business into a refined business man and enterprise. I am very good at accepting correction and criticism


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    digitalvision313digitalvision313 subscriber Posts: 3
    As fellow younger entrepreneur (not as young as you, but, under 30) I can maybe lend a hand.Many people say you can`t do lots of things because of age, and that`s not true.  However, there are things you need to do (and I don`t know what you do now, I am just putting out general suggestions) to increase your chances of success.1) Professional Demeanor.  People are trusting you with moving their stuff, and  you need to show how it`s better to hire you than some day laborer from a service.2) You only make so much money working for yourself in this kind of thing... where you make big money is making money off of other people.  As one person you are very limited in the jobs you can do.  I would say just one more can be a great help.  Then eventually, you have multiple crews... and voila, you`re making more money if you`re playing your cards right.3) The Three R`s:  Resources, References,  Referrals.  Having some experience in home services in a former life, I can tell you that all of my familys` business in 25 years plus has come from referrals.  It`s also important that if you need a dolly for a job, you have a dolly.  If you need a truck, you have (or better yet to preserve cash flow, rent, and mark up the cost reasonably) one.  And references... people who would have kinds words to say about your quality and service that you can put on your brochures, website, and material.It takes time for these kinds of things to develop... be patient, and look for creative ways to do things.Also, getting insured and bonded is crucially important in home services.  I don`t know if you are, but do it if you`re not.  It automatically adds trust and will people may give you a shot when normally they wouldn`t.I don`t know where you`re at, but I hope you have a vehicle of some sort to get to different places and jobs.  Again, it all depends on the kind of labour.  You can save money and drive around an Escort (just an example of a small car) if you`re going to help someone move their couch from their living room to the basement.Then when the time comes, get yourself a work van or box truck and put your company name on the side with your phone number so it`s a driving billboard.  Crawl before you walk; walk before you run.Sorry it`s a bit disjointed, however, I hope I am of some help and best wishes with it.
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