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Starting a Moving Business (hellllp)

montechristomontechristo subscriber Posts: 6
       Hey community,
 Like many of you I am quite new to the world of business in the formal sence however I have been doing okay underground now for a little while. I want to transcend into proper marketing registrations etc but I need help to form a viable business plan for my moving company. I am a college student and right now i`ve expanded into owning one truck and actually hiring people(1-2) I want to know how to market and successfully get my business booming. can anyone consult or identify?


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    DavidDavid subscriber Posts: 3
    Marketing is a lot simpler than you think.  The references on SuN are a terrific help in getting started.  First you`ll need a message.  Keep it simple and play to your strengths such as personal attention and cheaper rates.  Then budget yourself.  Advertising is one of the costs that can really balloon out of control without control and oversight.After that, it`s all about choosing the proper channels.  Since you`re staying as a local business, choose newspapers.  There can even be neighborhood or county newspapers that are cheaper than the daily ones.  I also recommend that you target your audience.  Try to get your flyer slipped in at the post office (legally, of course).  Work with anyone you know in real estate, local festivals, parties and so on where your business` name gets to the most people.
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