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Busness promotion thru cards and technology, How?

montechristomontechristo subscriber Posts: 6
edited June 2006 in Marketing
  I wanted to put out a business card too just to look professional a bit, how much does that enhance most peoples business and in what ways. Also I want to invoke technology in my biz whe I finally do the incorporating/insurance footwork but what kinds of software do peole usually make use of and for what. Also I want someone to write a business plan for me accoding to my wants and needs. If aything let me know


  • coffeenetscoffeenets subscriber Posts: 0
    Business cards are so easy to obtain these days that I think it`s pretty much necessary to have them...even if you don`t want to look professional.   As iouone2 mentions, the business card can work well at branding.
  • vietitalivietitali subscriber Posts: 4
    Ahhhhhhhhhh Business cards
    Such a necessity of life!!  I`m sure that along with bread, business cards were also passed out that day on the mount  .... I think in prison there`s only 3 things you get: bread, water and business cards ... I believe before creating Eve God created business cards
    I designed my husbands business cards (letterheads, bookcover, invoice), and we print them right from the computer (he`s a notary) and its been so useful .. and to think I`m not even a graphic artist!!  They look sharp, clear, simple and quite attractive.  When people ask him who made his business card they`re amazed when he says his wife who earns her day job processing mortgag loans
    montechristo if you need help w/ writing a business plan (or anyone for that matter) my husband can help you in that area!!  He`s a professional writer.  We can set up a net meeting w/ instant message and then write it up that way.  If you`d like a business card I could swing that for you!!
    For ANYONE on this site .. if you need help in that department let us know!!  I`ll make a special deal for anyone who contacts us from STN .. either we can trade expertise or we`ll give it to you for a special price.
    My husband can write anything for you or edit your work as well!!
    Let us know!!
  • admanadman subscriber Posts: 3
    Business cards are important for branding your company and essential for networking.  If you`re not networking, you`re not in business.
    I noticed from your profile that you help people move in and out of their apartments, homes and storage units.  By this I`m assuming you mean you carry their items for them.  Before you take another job, get yourself to a business formation attorney to discuss forming your company into an LLC.  You are opening yourself up to a TON of personal liability handling people`s  property and entering their domicile.  Your attorney can also help you design a contract which limits the liability of damages etc to your company as well.
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