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Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

speckledspeckled subscriber Posts: 1
edited January 2017 in Business Planning

If you think you have a business that has a great potential, you have what most successful business entrepreneurs started with, the right belief. All major businesses were once small and had the same belief. How did they grow up and what measures did they take up? Definitely, apart from all other important things, they got the right marketing strategy.

Your present customers know and value you more than any stranger. They are the golden goose who will refer others to you and spread the good word around. Use all effective publicity measures like business cards, postcards, direct mails, newsletters, brochures, and shopping bags, to spread irresistible offers, and your website address. Follow-up the customers after their purchase, lure them by attractive offers to come for next purchase, and have incentive schemes to reward them to bring in more customers.

Do not try to compete with the big businesses in advertising, as they have huge marketing budgets. You need to understand your product and customers, and specifically target potential customers using advertising media that are cheap, yet reaching to millions, like the internet marketing, email marketing, and social media marketing.

Contact aspiring small businesses around, and come up with joint incentive marketing schemes, pool-in for advertisements, and use each others customer database.
A toll free number generates more inquiries, and you can track the responses, that help in improving and develop effective marketing strategies. Make sure the telephone responses are qualitative, compelling callers to give-in to your schemes.

Marketing is the key to growth, the more you do it, the new and innovative ways you try out, the better are the chances to gain more customers and more profits.


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