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Could this be part of my investment??

MenyMeny subscriber Posts: 5
edited May 2006 in Business Planning
Hello, I`m starting a answering service business, and as I made my business plan and I see in order to service the clients  I need to start with a minuman of 3-4 operates, that meens I will start with big payrol overhead, but otherwise I will be limated from day one. Can I call the first few months payroll part of my investment?


  • davennydavenny subscriber Posts: 2
    Ever business need an initial investment when starting
    out.  Many times this capital is used to pay payroll, in recent years; it
    has been to fund websites etc. 

    If your question is regards to how much can you write off of your payroll
    expense the answer is yes you can give the company capital and use that capital
    to pay payroll.

    If you question is can you include your payroll expense as an investment on a
    loan application the answer is no.  Payroll are like telephone bills, they
    are not assets, you need them to run your business but they are not assets.

    I hope this helped, Good Luck
  • MenyMeny subscriber Posts: 5
    Thanks, but is their a limit on how much you can count on as investment?
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