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Insolvency/ Turnaround Industry

mcjorgeamcjorgea subscriber Posts: 3
edited March 2008 in Marketing
I am an independent contractor for a few sign walker/ human
billboard companies in the Houston, TX
area. I provide these
companies with sign walkers and then supervise them on the weekend during their
sales events. The niche for the companies I
work with is in the turnaround or insolvency industry. I have decided to start
my own sign walker/ human billboard company. I am now ready to take the next step in landing those first few
customers. I am not afraid of the
competition already established. The problem
is where do I compete with them? How
have they landed their customers? Did
they market to insolvency or turnaround professionals? How did they market their service to
liquidation companies such as Gordon Brothers and The great American Group?


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    mcjorgeamcjorgea subscriber Posts: 3
    I am talking about people standing on street corners, etc.  The 5 sign companies you owned were or are related to the type of enterprise I am speaking of? 
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    ProfessionalListsProfessionalLists subscriber Posts: 1
    It`s a game of contact.  How many people can you contact.  There are many ways to get contact to people.  Direct mail, yellow pages, phone calls, emails, advertisements, place a "sign walker" in a business district at lunch time advertising for "sign walkers". 
    The point is you have to get your name out and let people know you exist. 
    I would create a list of business types you`ll target, try to reach them all using a combination of or all of the above mentioned methods.  From your list devise a list of cold call or visits.  This should help you kick start your business!
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