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Finding Your Passion

MelissaMelissa subscriber Posts: 7
edited June 2006 in Selecting a Business
How many people out there choose their first (or second or third) career only to find that it sounded so much better than it actually turned out to be?  How many people have taken a job just because you needed a paycheck but knew that it wasn`t the right fit?  I`m guessing there are a lot of hands up right now besides mine!    I`m also guessing that some of those dear people are still suffering from their actions so....let`s help them out!
Let`s discuss the process you went through to discover what it was you really wanted to be "when you grew up."  I think it might be very helpful to those who know that what they`re doing now isn`t their "calling,"  but have no idea how to determine what exactly they`d rather do with themselves. 
Once I finally decided I needed to make a change, I went through the following excercise:
1.  I made a list of everything I enjoyed doing no matter how silly or unlikely to produce a profit it was.
2.  I narrowed my list down by considering which of the activities could incorporate my previous work experience (I worked hard on obtaining that CPA designation and just tossing out the window didn`t appeal to me!) to serve my clients.  This narrowed my list down a lot because although accounting is integral to every business, it is typically a background function.
3.  For my "final" step, I started looking at what kind of time commitment (as far as education, getting a business up and running, and then maintaining it) my various options entailed.  I knew I wanted something that I could still do a little bit of once we decide to have children but which would allow me to scale back significantly and be very flexible.
After I`d considered all of this, wedding and event planning was the clear winner.  And, the further I get into it (and the closer I get to that last day on June 15!), the more excited and the more committed I become.  So, how did you find your passion...or are you still looking? 


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    NicoleCNicoleC subscriber Posts: 18
    Congratulations!!!  I can relate.  Many moons ago, I helped my family`s business triple it`s profits three years in a row.  I loved growing that business but circumstances changed and I ended up settling for a secure, stable job.  As a result I worked just shy of 11 years at an institution of higher education.  Then one day, I took a leap of faith and pursued a career doing something I was interested in and had a passion for.  I took a risk and I have no idea what the future holds; but I have a goal to which the hardwork, dedication and persistance is up to me.  Thus my personal motto is "if it is to be it is up to me."
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    RichRich administrator Posts: 582 Site Admin
    My cousin Jenn is a perfect example of pursuing her passion. She`s a dolphin trainer! She worked really hard to get where she is and she has such an amazing job!
    is your cousin Jenn indepedent or does she work for someone? if she`s on her own, i`d love to talk to her about a feature at our site!!!
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