Restricted Website Address Problem - What Do I Do Now?

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Well, I certainly am glad that I used ipowerweb to register my domain name.  They`re currently charging $2.95 for a year...just for the name and privacy of your info, but for the moment that`s all I needed.  Figured I`d let the masses know...
That aside, I decided, just for kicks, I would enter my future website`s address into internet explorer just for the sheer joy of going to "my website" (not that there`s anything to see).  Okay, I admit, it`s a little lame, but forgive me...I`m a wee bit excited about all of this (you should have seen me when I got my business license - you`d have thought I had just gotten engaged or something!).
Here`s the problem - my company`s web filtering software came up and said that was restricted based upon the fact that it has something to do with "sex."  So now, I am very concerned about this website address.  If I were a bride or a 6-year-old`s mom and received such a message, I would throw any materials I had received from that company away.  I`d never even give it a second look.
My question is - what on earth should I do now?  Should I totally scrap this website name?  Should I come up with a new business name?  What are the other alternatives?  I want to shield my prospective clients from embarassment....


  • MelissaMelissa subscriber Posts: 7
    Thanks, Ken.  It comes up okay at my home, too, but my concern is that if my current employer`s filtering software is blocking it (and this is somewhat signficant since they are a large employer in my current location), how many other large companies` systems will block it?  I know that I tend to do a lot of my web surfing on my lunch hour or when I need a quick break and since I am a match for many aspects of my target market, it concerns me that their companies` filtering software will also block the site. 
    Are there ways to convince these filters that your site is safe?  I`m just concerned since I know if I reach a website that is filtered here at work, I typically just let it go...and find something else that meets my needs.
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    That makes me feel much better. 
    Thank you!
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