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Hello everyone

MinilegsMinilegs subscriber Posts: 2
edited September 2008 in Home-Based Businesses
 I can see that this is a quiet forum.  I am new and am coming out of lurker status.  I am  truly a beginner in pretty much all things business.  I have been listening to the radio shows and podcasts and looking at topics relative to what I want to do but, I have a question.
 The business I want to get into would be at home internet based and I want to create things for example; gift baskets for a niche market.  I have seen some gorgeous stuff on etsy.com, etc that I would love to use in my gift creations.
My question is, has anyone had an experience where they have combined someone else`s creation or product with their own and sold it?  If so, how did they do it?  Do you list the item in the description portion of your product or do you contact the company and ask them?  These people are doing very small businesses and not many of them even have a website or a wholesale option.
Sorry if how I wrote it was confusing!  I would really appreciate any feedback.  I didn`t even know how to search for this topic.
Thank you in advance!


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