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KlearSky Company and Software Product Websites

chorbachorba subscriber Posts: 2
edited December 2007 in Website Critique
In the past three months my company has launched three websites.1) Company website that describes the services and products that KlearSky provides 2) KS Limelight Software product website 3) GoLimelight redirect website that will eventually grow into a collaborative social/working website for the entertainment industry.
The websites are:




Overall feedback is appreciated, my specific questions are:
1) There are a number of flash and screenshot JPG on the website, however, my concern and realization through website metrics is that not enough people click on them or realize that they exist. How do I get customers to click on the more exciting aspects of the website such as a flash inferface or JPG screenshots?
2) Our name is problematic for SEO because it`s a misspelling of the words `Clear Sky`, we have added a number of items to make us more searchable but any onther suggestions would be appreciated.
Ivan (Chorba)
chorba12/26/2007 10:43 AM


  • WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    Just browsing through the first link, I like the look of the pages; clean and uncluttered. I`m not sure how effective the swf files are, as they aren`t very active in relating a message that I could see. I think you really need to add more textual content to your pages; content is what sells your service, your product, and yourself.You need some SEO factors implemented. You have too much code for the amount of content; a lot of it could be imported from external files, like a separate stylesheet. Basics like meta descriptions, image alt tags, link titles,  H tags, etc., wouldn`t hurt.I would leave the "clear" out of the titles; it makes me think that you aren`t sure who you are. Your domain name and a couple of keywords or a very brief description would be better.PM me if I can be of assistance.
  • sfarrisssfarriss subscriber Posts: 0
    It might be a good idea to talk with your existing clients to determine how they first wanted to work with you.  Was it product? Was it service?  This may give you an idea of how best to focus your efforts in terms of search optimization.  It may also give you an idea of how you could fashion your website to "walk them through" the steps for their decision making.
  • vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40

    klearsky site:

    You should add a description tag.
    Because the only navigation you employ is java based, it hinders your site from being indexed by search engines. See the cached text: ... en&strip=1

    Similarly on the "consulting " page... the only links seen say "click here". ... en&strip=1

    Rather than link to "click here" use targeted keywords as links.
    Also, add a site map link and even text based links to each page of your site to the bottom of every web page.
    The Client comments are good to have... you might think about not repeating clients in a couple of places. You might combine their comments on different services OR group the comment by the service or product (I`d link to specific commetns from your product page too.
    The flash headers are fine.
    On the "case studies" page it (flash) also provides the content, which means it is not readable by search engines (if that is important). Also, I`d show all the content for each company rather than have to click on "more imformation" (because the additional content fits ok on the page).

    KSLimelight site:
    Flash diagram - this is one thing I see a lot of and do not agree with... starting with a black and white image that changes to color only on a mouseover. While that works... why not start with a colorful image and change colors on mouseover? To me starting with a color image make the page more attractive and engaging.
    I think you should have a link to how to buy your product on the home page ( and every web page). If I read something about the product I like, I`ll immediately want to know how to get it.


    golimelight site:

    Hmm.. not sure why to have this site.
    vwebworld12/26/2007 9:46 PM
  • chorbachorba subscriber Posts: 2
    Thank you all for your feedback. We`ll take a look at your suggestions after the new year. I especially appreciate the suggestions regarding search optimization as that is a complicated but important subject.
    I have to say, I`m surprised by Craig`s comments regarding not understanding the websites. As the speaker, I`d like to hear more about what was confusing.
  • chorbachorba subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks Craig. I appreciate the follow up as this clarifies how you reached your inital response. Definetely some great feedback from everyone that posted. Thank you!
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