Launching a new business -- You want a free website?

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I hear Rich talk all the time about not being afraid to give away your product when you are first starting out.  Because of this I have been contacting numerous business trying to give my product away but everyone thinks it is some kind of scam.  Thus I am turning to the community that understands what I am doing.  I have created a Website Content Management System that allows you to easily keep your site up-to-date.  I am looking for individuals that would like to use it for free in exchange for feedback and testimonials.  You can design the site and I can integrate that design in with the CMS or I can help you find a designer (I have several I have contracted with that are very inexpensive).  It can be deployed on your hosting server if the server supports the requirements of the CMS or I can set it up on my server for you (all you would pay is the yearly hosting and domain name fee of $250).
I am just looking for individuals that would be interested in taking advantage of this offer.  The only thing that I am charging are costs that I would incur from other sources (designers and hosting services).  There is no cost for the actual CMS or for the setup.
You can see and interact with the CMS first hand before you inquire about using it for yourself.  Simple go to  If anyone is interested or has further questions please let me know ([email protected]) or reply to this forum. 
Also if you have any suggestions on how to get the use of the CMS in use in the wild please let me know!  fusioninteractive11/15/2007 1:29 PM
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