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I met an angel investor at a networking event and he asked me to send over a one page summary of my online startup. Right now, I`ve been doing everything on my own and hiring freelancers here and there for programming. When it comes to writing about the "management team", if there`s only me right now, do I only mention me? Or, do I also mention key people who will join the business w/ funding?


  • Anna245Anna245 Posts: 3subscriber
    thanks for the input Mark!
    I`m asking for funding mainly for technology and street/online marketing. however, i have no team right now. is it ok to say that some of that funding will be used to perhaps hire a consultant or someone else full time? or should i just focus on speaking about how i need the funds for technology and marketing? Anna2456/10/2009 6:18 PM
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    in my experience, investors partially invest in the concept or business, and moreso in the people behind it. there are more than enough cases in corporate america to prove it...
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