Sales the Old Fashion Way

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A lot flying around on website SEO, User Experience Architects, Interactive usability studies, etc.  What ever happened to selling the Good Old Fashion Way, with Shoe Leather?  I have found no place on SuN to post any individual`s availability for working with other entrepreneurs helping them sell their products direct to Distributors/ Wholesalers or direct to Retailer/Reseller Channels.  If you have any interest in working/partnering with a damn good old boy salesman who can help a Dream become Reality, well here I am. IF you have a unique product that you would like my feedback on in selling it into Distribution &Retail Channels, The Old Fashion Way, please let me know. I believe in websites, shopping carts (as I currently have one) and all the SEO tricks as well, but you can`t beat rounding up the heard by riding hard and funneling them into the corral (shoppingcart). Anyway, a salesman is standing by waiting for the right product to sell the hell out of. 
Sincerely,    Dwight M.        [email protected]</A>


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