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Memory Foam & Gore Tex Manufacturers for prototype?

holdonetimeholdonetime subscriber Posts: 1
edited August 2009 in Developing Your Invention
Hello,I`m currently looking to build a prototype of a product that I have in mind.  I`m just not sure where to begin.  My product will require 2" - 3" think sheets of memory foam along with a gore tex material that is breathable and waterproof.I would like to purchase the materials and build the initial product myself in order to decide how I`d like the design to take shape, and in order to have an idea on what the costs of developing this product might be.Can anyone point me in the right direction on where to find manufacturers of the materials I`m looking for so that I could buy directly from them?  When I decide that I want to take this further and have a design/engineering firm help us develop our product for an actual prototype, do you have any recommendations that could help?Thanks for your time!


  • materiousmaterious subscriber Posts: 2
    you can try foamorder.com. for your memory foam. i don`t know about gore tex.   foam order will cut to size--try the link below: http://www.foamorder.com/custom_cuts.ph ... ct=memory& shape=1good luck.bruce
  • AshtonAshton subscriber Posts: 2
    A few thoughts...
    For a first prototype, is it possible to get the materials off-the-shelf or out of existing products?  It sounds like off-the-shelf may not be possible, but if you`ve seen the material you want in existing products and can buy them cost effectively and get the material out of those products, that may be a quick/cheap option.  For example, cutting up a gore tex garment and reassemblying the material as you need it.  This will also help if you already have a material from an existing product that you know you like--rather than going through the sourcing process to find the same, or similar material, just to create a prototype (you`ll need to do this at the manufacturing development stage as well).
    For your first prototype, it doesn`t necessarily need to be pretty--but instead just test the concept.  Otherwise, you might spend a good amount of time trying to source a materials supplier, and they may be willing to send you some samples or sell you a small amount of material.  But many materials suppliers don`t sell product in small amounts.
    I work in product development and sourcing.  Feel free to contact me any time about the next stages. 
    Good luck!
  • aniskarubaaniskaruba subscriber Posts: 0
    Thanks for the information and good luck

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