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Personal Investment

MikefutureBillionaireMikefutureBillionaire subscriber Posts: 1
edited October 2006 in Startup Funding
   I am trying to figure out how much of our own Money my partners and I have will need to be personally invested.  I know that starting out we can`t truely plan to turn a significant profit for at least a year or so probably more.  So how much will a bank or an independent investor look to have personally vested into the venture.  I know my Plan is solid and factual based on my research and whom I am allowed to proof read before we take the next step to presenting to investors and banks to get a loan.  My goal is to secure about $300k for startup should I be looking for 10% or 20% personally vested of what I will need to startup not sure any help out there would be much appreciated.


  • MikefutureBillionaireMikefutureBillionaire subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks ! 
    Being new to starting a business I have read every book and article out their on bootstrapping, Angel Investors, borrowing from family, SBA, penny pinching till your blue in the face to fund it solely yourself.  I know my plan and goals are more than attainable, aggressive but attainable and my Partners and I have more than 20% of the funds already, I guess I am just trying to find that perfect investor that will be liquid enough to invest and smart enough to assist rather than just throw money at us.
    Is that the right way to look at this or no ?
    Thanks again to both....
  • InactiveMemberInactiveMember subscriber Posts: 12
    Funding is tough. If you find an angel of venture capitalist, they will likely want a very large share of your company for what you will see as a small amount of money. This is called valuation. Let`s say you find an investor willing to put up $300,000. How much does that money buy? 10%? 30%? 50%? I bet anyone who is willing to put up $300,000 wants at least 30% or more. The other side of that argument is going to an investor with a few customers already signed up and at least some results in the market. That`s a much easier game. You have 20% of the funds already lined up. That`s $60,000. What can you develop with this money? Can you get anywhere near the market? Can you get a prototype and even a few customers? That`s the right way to get funding unless you have an established track record. CookieMonster2006-10-26 21:23:54
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