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help with start up cost est`s---technical software & hardware

mannyuscmannyusc subscriber Posts: 1
I am drawing up a Business Paln and have hit a wall in estimating costs related to developing computer related hardware and software (also the operationa l components)
--monitors, mini keyboard, ear piece and software to interact. 
Below are things I am working on.  Any insight would be appreciated:

Technical description of product or service<-what does that mean


Operational philosophy<-dido


Equipment, facilities and real estate<--thoughts


Price/Cost model: Cost to produce product or provide service<--thoughts


Production: Movement of product from raw materials to finished product


Potential difficulties; plan to overcome


Distribution Chain and Strategy: Movement of product/service to customer




Breakdown of start-up costs and use of proceeds (e.g., hard costs, working capital, start-up); create a schedule of start-up costs


Capital Structure: Plan for financing the company (equity, debt, equipment

leasing); initial capitalization, if any.


Breakeven analysis and payback period (as supported by financials)
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