Looking for forward-thinking HR consultants

TamingTurnoverTamingTurnover subscriber Posts: 1
I`ve spent the last two years building a suite of HR software
products designed to source, screen, evaluate, profile, rank,
and retain great employees. We`ve grown to 8 people and
sales are beginning to gain traction. Organizational
Development people who see my software say it`s state-of-the-

While I`d like to have my software category validated by a large
company launching a similar product line, I`m worried that
unless I can build a national presence my little company could
get lost in the shuffle.

I have chosen to bootstrap the business, hence we have no
outside investors. I own the whole thing. However, the flip side
is we are constantly strapped for cash to grow the company. It
seems to me that what I need is a network of established HR
consultants selling my software to their clients on a revenue-
share basis.

Does anyone out there know any HR consultants who might be
interested in generating incremental income from their
established client list?


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