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Question on opening business

mazzmazz subscriber Posts: 5
edited June 2008 in Selecting a Business
After alot of pondering a business idea, I found one that I believe in and am passionate about. However, as I did some research there seems to be another website with the same concept.  It as well looks to be in the beginning stages.  Should I continue with my dream or should I try to find another idea?
First post so please be gentle,


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    JBSurfsJBSurfs subscriber Posts: 10 Member
    Well, first don`t give away the idea.  Second, I had this happen as well.  Every great idea I had, I found on the internet as well.  Typically by more than one person.  I`m no seasoned vet by any means, so take my advice lightly.
    If you are passionate and truly believe in the idea, then I say proceed.  The reason is even if you were the first person with the idea, you would eventually have a competitor regardless of patents and copyrights.  That`s just the way it works.  You could spend the rest of your life trying to be Coke, when you could easily have a great life being Pepsi or even RC Cola. 
    If you think your idea will work, move forward and try to find the niche within the market, then if you are established and as "safe" as possible, expand into other aspects of the market.
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    JTR65JTR65 subscriber Posts: 4
    I worked in a patent law firm for a short stint and the one important lesson I learned there was that most patents were "improvements" over another idea.  Having competition is not a bad thing.  It means there is demand for your business idea and your job is to find a way to make customers want to buy from YOU.  How is your business different?  What can you offer that the other guy doesn`t?  Use your passion over your idea to improve what`s already out there. 
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    TheLouTheLou subscriber Posts: 2
    Hello Everyone!! I am new here and I am really excited to hear from all of
    you. To put it in simple terms: My husband and I are both artists . He with
    photography and art,Myself with music. I would like to combine both our
    talents so that we can run a business together. Unfortunately the category
    that his photography falls in is very competitive so there has to be
    something that we could do to make him stand out. He currently works a
    day job and does the photography on the side. I feel that with the right
    funding we could invest more into his side business and make it more
    lucrative. Any suggestions? I am tired of us being the starving artists we
    have talent and its time to make money off of it! Cheers!
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    tonyharris73tonyharris73 subscriber Posts: 0
    Im not particular with business in arts and music.  But i think you are geared towards the right direction.  By joining forums and maybe you could also join business networking sites like http://www.schmoozii.com where you could meet business professionals who are also starting with same business concept as you have.tonyharris736/29/2008 4:54 AM
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    derickcoleman73derickcoleman73 subscriber Posts: 2
    I think schmoozii.com is also a professional networking site like linkedin and xing.com. You can meet a lot of professionals and businesmen at www.schmoozii.com
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    aaron123aaron123 subscriber Posts: 0
    Why not have a try?!You can promote in the competition.
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