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Is there a guide on SuN which gives step by step instructions on setting up a home based business? I`m interested in FINALLY acting on my business goals, but I seem to be hitting a dead end.  I"m not sure how to get started.  I have the business model, name, goals, business plan...but how do I get it all started?  Any help would be appriciated!


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    Get the MUST HAVE business startup book called "$500 Startup:  A step by step guide to starting a business for $500 or less".  It`s helped so many people realize their dreams and its only $10.  It`s one of the first things I tell people to get. 
    You can get it by going to this link.  Go to
    Do the homework and workbook sheets in the book if you are really serious about succeeding at a home based business built around your passion. 
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