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attracting business partners

MdcnMnMdcnMn subscriber Posts: 10
edited April 2008 in Selecting a Business
Okay so I have an idea for a website which would allow consumers who sign up (via free membership) dicounts on purchses. My question is...how do I convince (i.e. retailers) to sign up with me so I can have them offer these discounts?  My immidiate goal is not to make money but to have people sign up.  Eventually with enough members signed up, I`ll begin selling Ad Space.


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    proactive1proactive1 subscriber Posts: 1
    Keep in mind these retailers might want to know how much traffic your site is generating. So I`m thinking at the outset, if you have nothing else but the concept, focus on creating quality content as you build the site.
    Besides that, I did a seach for "shop chicago" and came across this site: SeeMoreShopping.com and was impressed with amount of information about each major shopping area/neighborhood in the city and suburbs -- quality content! Their site offers a free listing for all stores as well as a premium listing. Obviously the premium listing would offer more exposure for their business. Not sure if that`s what you`re looking for but maybe it gives you some ideas.
    By the way, when "in" Chicago stop by my Chicagoland Rock `n Roll Blog  
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    MdcnMnMdcnMn subscriber Posts: 10
    Thanks fellow SuN buddies...your advice is always helpful and guiding.  I`m in the process of building my website, I think quality content is the first step. 
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