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New to it all

SkipSkip subscriber Posts: 1
edited August 2006 in Business Planning
My name is Skip, 42 years old, working in an aluminum door manufacturing facility, my hobby is my 97 Harley and along the way in the last 2 years of helping guys fix thier motorcycles they asked me if i could order parts for them also.
parts stores for aftermarket Harley parts in my town and the surrounding area are non existant so i started S&W Cycle Parts to fill the void
I am currently a home based business about to open, i have no prior experience in business but am jumping in and have read quite a bit of the information here on this site and hope i do it all correctly
I have gotten the business license, the sales tax certificate, the business bank account set up and a PO box address for the business mail
I have set up the parts showroom and set up an account for parts and recieved one of my first stock orders
I`m as green as a new business man can be and so happy to have found this web site to learn from
Thank you start up nation for all your effort in this site


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    SkipSkip subscriber Posts: 1
    no, i did not know that and didnt do a trademark check, you have me worried though
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    SkipSkip subscriber Posts: 1
    i just used firstgov.gov search and got these results...

    105 results for "S&W" cycle parts out of at least 10,183 

    These sources have been queried:

    Federal Forms - No result retrieved in 0.072s, 50 requested. (1 page requested - 1 OK)
    FirstGov FAQs - No result retrieved in 0.076s, 20 requested. (1 page requested - 1 OK)
    My Money - No result retrieved in 0.146s, 200 requested. (1 page requested - 1 OK)
    Podcasts - No result retrieved in 0.143s, 20 requested. (1 page requested - 1 OK)
    Web Results - Top 100 results retrieved out of 10,183 in 1.432s, 100 requested. (2 pages requested - 2 OK)
    Web Results - Top 5 results retrieved out of 5 in 0.079s, 10 requested. (1 page requested - 1 OK)
    i did a google search and see what your saying about the bicycle parts deal with smith & wesson
    looks as though i will have to change the business name, i hope it wont be to bad since i havent opened officially yet
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    LordEmsworthLordEmsworth subscriber Posts: 0
    I think I just missed you.  To do a trademark search you must log on to www.uspto.gov</A>  and drill down to Trademarks/Search.  However, that will not give you the complete story.  Every state also registers trademarks and, in the US, trademark rights accrue from use, not from registration.  So you really should search unregisterd marks also.  It`s difficult to do a complete search, complicated to interpret the results and complicated to file a federal trademark application.  You should consider hiring a professional.  We do provide these services and would be glad to help you.  You can find my phone number and generic e-mail from our web site.  Please feel free to contact me.
    Good luck. 
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    SkipSkip subscriber Posts: 1
    i did a search on another name i thought of using and looks as though the new name will work?...
    No TESS records were found to match the criteria of your query.
    Click on the BACK button in your browser to return to the previous TESS screen
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