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Common Sense Tips to Build Your Business

MaxBizMomMaxBizMom subscriber Posts: 1
edited March 2009 in Marketing
I had the wonderful opportunity to spend some one-on-one time on the phone with the #1 Customer Recruiter in my company (we currently have 60,000 Associates). What he shared with me, I thought I would share with all of you. I believe what he offers - everyone in every company can learn from.
1. Want more money? TALK to a lot of people!**Note: He didn`t say: "send out a lot of emails!" He said TALK.
2. Everytime you talk to someone - THEN, send them an email.**Note: He didn`t say, "send out a lot of emails and THEN call them!"
3. Realize you will get more "no`s" then "yes`s" **Note: He didn`t say, "everyone is going to buy from you!"
4. Get on the phone!**Note: He didn`t say, "get on those emails!"
5. So what they don`t BUY from you today - they might tomorrow! **Note: he didn`t say, "if they don`t buy from you today - never call them back!" Keep the relationship going, until it is the right time to buy for your prospect.
In other words - good old fashioned common sense comes into play here - Talk to people.
Personally, I have been in Network Marketing for 30 years - and never have I ever sold or enrolled a new Distributor without TALKING to them, first. Sign-ups from links in emails do not work. Period.
You can ESTABLISH relationships online - but it will take the old-fashioned technology of a PHONE or "eyeball to eyeball" to make the business happen.
Why do you think companies that hold "parties" (Tupperware, Mary Kay, etc) have done so well - personal interaction!
How valuable is this advise? The man who gave me this advise makes over $8000/month in PRODUCT sales alone. He knows how to provide customer service and build relationships - and for that, he is paid very well.
Service Pays.....agreed?
All the Best,


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    menexismenexis subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks for the post. I guess its a numbers games when it comes to marketing. The more people you talk to about your products the more yes you will get. If you get 10 yes out of 100 I would say that is a pretty good conversion rate.
    I would say phone or telemarketing is much more effective than email marketing depending on the products or services but email marketing is still a good way to market. I`m not talking about spam. Emailing people who have opted to receive it is the best way.
    I would recommend doing both phone and email marketing for any company.
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    nevadasculnevadascul subscriber Posts: 3 Member
    I second the above advise.  I took over as manager of a distribution / sales center some time back.  First thing I found out was we had lost a lot of customers due to lack of customer contact.  As one customer put it, no one form our company called him in months.  So, he decided to try another supplier.  That supplier made a point of calling our customer every month.  These calls didn`t always genrate sales.  But, the calls did keep our competitor`s name foremost in our customer`s mind.   Not surprising, that supplier won over our customer and the customer never placed another order with us.  I`ve since made it a point to call customers every month.    
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    JenMurphyJenMurphy subscriber Posts: 0
    I completely agree with you - It is much more personal to make the phone call - to make that connection.  We meet people online and `build` relationships, but when you finally speak to someone on the phone who you have been communicating with online, it makes that relationship more real.  It makes you human. 
    Anyone can send an email these days; although email marketing is a good way to keep in contact w/your customers - send them promotions and newsletters to keep your `brand` in the forefront of their mind.
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    incredibleoneincredibleone subscriber Posts: 0
    I totally agree. Simply talkng  has done wonders for our company and our product. I think with all the technology and convience we have forgotten how to simply talk.
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    DavidJacksonDavidJackson subscriber Posts: 143 Silver Level Member
    Great post, Charlene! Very good information.
    David Jackson
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