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Hello everyone,

I recently launched a website offering online accounting services and would appreciate some constructive criticism from fellow entrepreneurs. I designed it myself (I`m not a programmer, so I`m sure there are at least a few coding errors).

In addition to critiques of the site`s design, I`d appreciate feedback on the overall business concept, its appeal to business owners and factors that might prevent them from using a service like ours.
I realize that for a service business like this, most clients will come through networking and word of mouth referrals. But I`d like the site to be effective in generating interest from the general public as well.

The general concepts I`m trying to convey are quality, value, convenience, efficiency, peace of mind, data security and improvements over the old way of doing things. I`d like to create a professional image that appeals to small business owners.


A few basic questions:

Would you use our service? If not, why not?
How is the content? Is it easy to read? Too wordy? Too technical? Boring to read? Not folksy enough?
How`s the homepage layout? Is it cluttered with too much content? Is the color scheme okay?

Be tough, I can handle it! Thanks in advance.

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    Craig, thanks for the review. You bring up a lot of great points.
    The site seems fine in FF 3.x. Haven`t yet tried FF 2.x or IE 6.x. IN any case, I agree with Jarrod that this probably isn`t a huge deal, considering the small number of users. For an e-commerce site, it might be an issue, but for a service biz like this, probably not since most potential clients would be using current browsers.
    I`ll overhaul the home page and post it soon. If you think it`s crowded now, you should have seen the first draft!
    I changed the heading to something along the lines of your suggestion, which was good. I agree about the need for photos - they`re coming as soon as we have some taken professionally.
    The FAQs for privacy and security are linked in the footer.
    The text on several pages is a first draft and, I agree, needs to be refined or rewritten. Do you or does anyone else know what hiring a good editor costs? Just for a "tune up" of existing copy, not creating copy from scratch.
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    Hi guys,
    Thanks for the helpful comments and suggestions. I plan to incorporate most of them into the site.
    I`ve been getting a lot of comments that the original homepage was too packed with content. So I cleaned it up a bit. I`d appreciate your comments on the new one.

    Revised version 

    Original version

    Thanks again!
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