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Today I decided, I want to get things moving on my cafe. I want to feel like I`m getting somewhere. I went to secure my domain name for Comfy Cafe, and lo and behold, the name was being squatted on by a speculator asking 888 for it. Not worth it. I had a list of good names. After a flurry of text messages, Comfy Cozy Cafe seemed even better than the original, with more alliteration. was mine 10 mins later, and I got .net and .org as well, since they had a group discount package.
Anyway, I want to secure said company name with the government, so that I feel comfortable talking about it in public, and so that I make more tangible process in the mean time of securing the loan. Can I "hold" a business name officially with no foreseeable immediate use? I`d just like the state to know The Comfy Cozy Cafe is a work in progress and not to let anyone take it out from under me.I`d also like to preemptively trademark/copyright all my slogans and logos and whatnot. Essentially, I just want to make sure my idea is still mine when I finish it. I realize the odds of another person beating me to my own idea is slim, but I always err on the side of caution. Any advice on the matter would be appreciated. I came into some money recently and am using it to get the business jump-started in every way I can. I just like being able to check off my to-do list. Makes me know "this is happening."


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    I suggest you hire a trademark attorney.
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    Hi Matt,
    I have just the man for you!  I work for an attorney that can definitely help you out.  First, you may be able to trademark your name without retaining an attorney.  Please visit our website @  The attorney`s name is Daniel Pepper.  His website makes trademarking available online. If you would like to speak with him, give me a call @ 908.698.0330 and we can schedule a free 1/2 hour consultation with you. 
    I must let you know that his fees are $250.00 per hour should  you go past the 1/2 hour marker.  Dan is a great attorney and a great guy and will help you with your questions.
    Good Luck!
    [email protected]
    Pepper Law Group, LLC
    21 E. High Street Suite D
    Somerville, NJ 08876
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