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Change the way you think. It`ll help.

MattTurpinMattTurpin subscriber Posts: 22
edited June 2009 in Startup Funding
When I was thinking, "This is what I want to do. How do I get the resources to do it?" I was pulling my hair out.
When I started thinking, "This is what I have. What can I do with it?" Things became a lot easier to work with.A small idea that actually happens is way better than a big idea that doesn`t. I never used to think that way. I`m a convert. Realism. Can`t say enough about realism.If you have to ask, "How do I get X?" You probably can`t get it. Start asking, "What do I have?" and you`ll be all set. Just my two cents. I`m learning everything the hard way. Don`t make my mistakes, people.


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    asEZasABnCasEZasABnC subscriber Posts: 1
    Everybody makes mistakes, that`s the way we learn to avoid what not to do.  Look to Thomas Edison`s path to inventing the light bulb for inspiration...
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    MattTurpinMattTurpin subscriber Posts: 22
    I like that. I suppose the best course of action depends on circumstances. In my case, I no longer have job security. I need to get somewhere, anywhere but where I am. Pretend that on my side of the river is a forest fire. If I spend too much time walking upstream, I`m going to burn. Anywhere is better than where I am, be that right across the river or across and twenty feet downstream. I think your approach is a nice middle ground. On one hand, you don`t want to waste energy in a lost cause of fighting a raging current to get directly across the river. If you let the current take you to the other side gradually, you use less energy, and once you`re there, it`s a lot easier to walk back upstream on land than it is to swim upstream. So you get to the same spot in the end, with less energy. The latter is bootstrapping, and it`s good for the metaphor because you`re walking on the other side of the river, with boots on. Your proposal is just as good, but it requires more knowledge of the realities of life to accomplish. Whereas in my situation, I get to my destination by happenstance and slowly build up as fate allows, the entrepreneur in your situation needs to know how the current will move him so that he can position himself further upstream. It`s like playing a game of pool/billiards - a game I`m not very good at. I aught to practice my geometry.
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