The best way to get an investor is not to ask?

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So it seems for me. Today I got the very unexpected, and equally good news, that a private "angel" style investor who`s a friend/acquaintance of the friend of mine who`s my main partner in the whole cafe endeavor volunteered today to chip in 15,000 or so to help us get started - unsolicited. He`ll be part owner till such time as I can pay him off. He doesn`t want as much of a ROI as I`m hoping to give him. As far as I`m concerned, this person actually believes in us, and that`s worth more than going interest rate. The contract will be more conservative of course. This really is unexpected good luck, and the reason I post is because it ratifies the theory that getting investors requires being within one step of one. If you know an investor and you have a good idea, you probably won`t have to ask for money. They`ll see a good venture. This totally encourages me to move forward, because clearly I`m doing something right.


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    It is true that the vast majority of early capital comes from people you know or people they know (occasionally from people they know). We`ve also noted that in every situation where someone supplied the capital -two conditions existed:
    1. The investor "resonated" with the project.
    2. The investor "connected" with the founder or one of the team.
    It may be that you didn`t specifically ask him to invest - but someone must have communicated the project "story" to him in a way that encouraged him to support it.
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    Great news. Wish you the best. Hopefully, we`ll be next.
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