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The prelaunch "beta test"

MattTurpinMattTurpin subscriber Posts: 22
edited March 2009 in Marketing
I don`t know another term for it than beta test, because I`m a computer game nerd at heart. The gist of it is my plan for initial marketing. Word of mouth is where it`s at. I aim to pay for, out of my own pocket (since I don`t want to negatively impact a very vulnerable startup cafe in the first few days) several (I`ll devote a thousand or so to this) full house arrangements of family, friends and contacts. They`d come down on a night before we`re open for business, and get to enjoy all that the cafe has to offer, for free. There`d be no strings attached. No surveys. No obligations.
I don`t think I`d need obligations. The word of mouth referral that comes unsolicited is infinitely more valuable than the one tied to a contract of any sort. I just want a whole bunch of people to really, really like what I have to offer. They`ll like it more because it`s free, but when they`re talking about it, they`ll be most inclined to talk about how great the place/coffee is. Anyone else do anything like this? Any suggestions to fine tune the idea? I think it should do a lot to get my business booming faster than it would with traditional ads.
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