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Starting a company as a customer of your current company

mangzmangz subscriber Posts: 1
edited April 2009 in Business Planning
Sorry for the wordy title. My question is, what are the legal ramifications of quitting your job and starting a company that is a customer of your current company? The company I work for is a B2B/middleman type of company. I`m interested in taking the knowledge I have of the industry and becoming a customer.
I`ve re-read the non-compete agreement I signed and it seems to talk about working for an entity that competes with the core business of my current company. However, in this situation, I wouldn`t be competing, but actually bringing my company more business. I suppose I would be competing with my company`s customers.
Of course, I fully intend on reaching out to legal sources for guidance, but I was wondering if anyone has general advice.


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