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Upselling Web Services - What and How?

MatthewReinboldMatthewReinbold subscriber Posts: 3
In the recent thread on Craigslist

mentioned the excellent idea of using that community to introduce people to a product or service and then upselling them additional offerings. I`m interested in hearing how other online providers
approach that. Do you find that people are usually eager to be upsold?
How do you price your introductory and `add-on` offerings? Do customers ever approach with these things with the same skepticism as `rust-proofing` at a car dealer? Or do customers enjoy the flexibility that such modular pricing affords them?


  • rexiedexierexiedexie subscriber Posts: 97 Silver Level Member
    I haven`t seen the Craigslist post
    But I got some good information on this from a training site which is free to join.
    See my web page and click on Affiliate Training link. It`s all free learning. Once you sign up free you can listen to audio training or view video training. Really good free information.
  • wifistudioswifistudios subscriber Posts: 1
    Most people do not know what they want and depend on a salesman to guide them along. Upselling is a little more difficult online than it is offline, so let me give you a ficticious example:An "As Seen On TV" ad just got uploaded to a website and they mention that a free gift will be added to your oder if you order now. Therefore you order, but neglected to know that the free item has to be charged additional shipping cost. Now you were just upsold and the company just insured their sale, plus covered their cost on the free item.Keep that in mind and just get creative...
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