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Marketing Survey vs. Protecting Business Idea

tankeytankey subscriber Posts: 11
edited September 2007 in Marketing
I am in the embryo stages of developing an web business, that will provide a free service to the public, but intends to make revenue from being an affiliate and displaying ads.  I have a couple ideas I feel are unique and will make my site different from many others.  However, I wish to do a survey that, in part, will ask people opinions about these unique ideas in order to see if they are worth implementing, and if so, see what segments of the population like these ideas, so I can market to them.  The problem is that someone, who has taken the survey, or has seen it through some other means, may take one (or all) of my ideas and run with it, before I have a chance to get my business up and running.  Of course a Non Disclosure Agreement does not sound feasible or appropriate for people who volunteer to take a survey.  Any thoughts on how to get valuable marketing information from surveys and and still protect my ideas?  I`d appreciate any input.


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    tankeytankey subscriber Posts: 11
    Thanks for that perspective Craig.  My intentions would not be to take anyone to court for using my idea, because you can`t protect your business ideas  unless you have a non disclosure agreement.  Uunfortunately, I learned that from consulting with my (now ex) business lawyer who charges an arm and a leg.  I am just trying to avoid losing the desire to this business if someone beats me to the punch.  If someone came along and did something similar after I launched, at least I would have launched and would have the tenacity to continue.  But if I saw my exact (or very similar) idea launched by someone else who had the resources (financial and otherwise) to do it before I could, it would take the wind out of my sails.  However, I see you like the motto that Success = Passion, Patience, Persistence, and you are right.  On another post (or board) I saw you respond to someone with a concern similar to mine, and you told him to take the risk.  Thanks for the encouragement to have the more cautious do something more risky, and I will take steps to implement some of that.  At the same time, I am still open to reading other opinions and ideas.  Folks, please share anything you may have to ad to this. Thanks.
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