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Please Review My Site... Be Gentle It`s Only 2 Weeks Old

technosophytechnosophy subscriber Posts: 1
edited January 2008 in Website Critique
I just launched a new website that lets anyone create web pages about whatever topics they are interested in. You can post text, video, music, pictures, etc. to your page. No programming is required.
The site also has social networking features that let you share your page with friends. Viewers of your page can subscribe to your page as well as post comments.
It`s also similar to Craiglist in that you don`t need to register in order to create a page.
The address is www.instantgoodness.com
The biggest issue I`d like some help with is if you have any ideas about how to attract more writers / page makers to the site.  It pretty clear how to attract viewers, but attracting the initial active conributors seem a bit more challenging.
Thanks for your feedback.
technosophy1/18/2008 3:28 PM


  • VideographyVideography subscriber Posts: 401 Silver Level Member
    First, be more careful about open access without restriction.  Even Craigslist has limitations about what you can sell, give away, and adult content.  There are federal laws you need to comply with to be protected as a safe harbor service provider.  Otherwise you could be held liable for any criminal activity of your subscribers.  And as Craigslist found, there will always be people trying to do something patently illegal.  Things like selling guns, explosives, or even wine.  You should at least have the user acknowledge the terms of use before they can make a page.
    The Ads by Google expand the page off my screen, so if you`re using frames you should look at reducing the size of your editorial section.
    I had no problem creating a basic page, but here are no instructions or code examples of how to format the page or add photos.
    I`ll leave the technical comments to others more qualified than myself.  Overall you have the right idea of a free service paid for by the advertisers (Google AdWords).  Perhaps in a future release you can give the user templates for their page.
    Finally, the name "InstantGoodness" does nothing for me.  It might be appropriate for a vitamin supplement site, but I would recommend something more funky.  Even nonsensical.
  • technosophytechnosophy subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks for the feedback.  Great point about the terms of use.  We have a link to them on every page of the site, but you are correct, page creators should have to explicity acknowledge them.
    Page templates is a feature on our roadmap, and I absolutely agree about examples / tutorials... we`ll have to add that ASAP.
    As far as the name is concerned, I guess that`s subjective and each person will have their own experience.  Regardless, it`s good to know your perspective.
    Finally, if you have any suggestions on how to drive page making users to the site, I`d really appreciate those thoughts.
    Thanks Again!
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