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Seeking Web Developer

stoaviostoavio subscriber Posts: 3
I am a twentysomething web/graphic designer and entrepreneur located in Jacksonville, Florida looking for a reliable, experienced PHP/mySQL programmer well versed in the areas of web design and development who understands the importance of web standards.
Before outlining any further technical requirements, it’s crucial to mention that this person must be someone who possess strong written and oral communication skills, business acumen and an easy going personality. Being local to the Jacksonville area isn’t necessary, as this product is one that will be developed and offered exclusively over the Internet, which is why a willingness to communicate via email, instant message, Skype (video chatting may be required at times) and over the phone is so necessary.
Because of the type of product this is, assembling a team of employees isn’t necessary. I am looking for one trustworthy, experienced programmer to work alongside me to develop a web application that a niche market is in dire need of. An interest in photography would help, although is not required, as it would intensify your interest in this product. I happen to be a photographer myself and it’s through photography that I discovered the need for this product and realized its potential for success. Some of the technical skills required: PHP & mySQLAbility to develop a licensing system for the web application to reduce/prevent piracyUnderstanding of eCommerce (accepting payments, selling digital goods, etc.)Ability to write both standard compliant XHTML & CSSUnderstanding of good web practicesAJAX knowledge preferred but not necessary
I will be relying on you as a programmer to advise me on matters related to development. As a web designer, I have a general understanding of backend development but not enough so to be making critical application decisions regarding security, whether OOP should be used, which framework should be used, etc. I will be trusting in your expertise to make educated decisions in this area while I handle making things look good and prepare them by writing the XHTML and CSS for you.
Compensation for both you and I will be received once the product becomes available commercially and begins selling. I realize this may put some of you off, and that’s alright, because this is an approach I’ve selected to keep start-up costs low. We will both be invested in this. I bring the design talent and you bring the programming talent. This is a product that stands to produce a handsome residual income so the fewer people I involve, the more profit we make. I am in the process of forming an LLC, finalizing the business plan and am prepared to handle the business-end of things. Depending on how I feel about the person I choose to involve and how much involvement they’re interested in, responsibilities beyond designing and programming may be shared. A 50/50 partnership is possible for the right candidate.
This is not a pipedream. This is a serious venture that requires the involvement of 2 equally passionate, competent, compatible people in order to succeed. Anyone interested in learning more should be prepared to sign a NDA. I won’t be disclosing any secret recipes until I feel comfortable with you. Please have an appreciation for the vetting process. We need to understand and be comfortable with one another before any sort of business can take place. I will need to see some examples of your work or speak to you extensively to be convinced of your ability. I’m looking for someone with experience doing business with others and forming relationships. Doing business strictly online has its advantages (lower costs, etc.) but also brings with it a unique set of challenges and risks. If you aren’t familiar with these or can’t appreciate them, we won’t be able to work together.
I’m not a taskmaster. I’m just an easy going, level headed, motivated guy with a business idea who knows it’s only going to succeed if I choose the right person.
Thanks for reading!


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    RebateRentalsRebateRentals subscriber Posts: 0
    My name is Aaron Houser out of Jacksonville, Florida.  I own and operate RebateRentals.com here in Jacksonville.  I thought I would contact you to at least network since you`re local to us. Also, I thought there might be some synergy given that I`m looking for a Web Developer wherein we might be able to consolidate resources. 
    If you`re interested in networking, give me a shout sometime.
    Aaron Houser, President & CEO
    RebateRentals.com "We Put Rent To Work"
    (904) 281-2100 Office
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    creativerescreativeres subscriber Posts: 0
    We work with this web development company down here in Fort Lauderdale Miami area in South Florida called ACAP (www.acapglobal.com) - they do asp.net, php development content management systems like Joomla, Drupal etc. as well as mobile application development for iphone, android, blackberry, palm etc. - they do all custom software application (desktop, web, mobile) too. They are local and reliable and no worries with intellectual property etc.
    They work with startups quite a bit and seem to have a very efficient process for getting products to market, test and if successful build more.
    Give them a call, they helped us quite a bit, hope this helps.
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