Need info about Security Surveillance CCTV / DVR Business

Moni16Moni16 subscriber Posts: 1
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I`m interested in getting into Security Surveillance Camera CCTV/DVR Business, Can some enlighten me how to get started.


  • ValienValien subscriber Posts: 7
    Hey Moni16,What kind of business are you aspiring to get into? Integration work? Selling products only? Consulting?I own a distribution company and a security integration company. Our distribution company sells CCTV cameras, DVR`s, Door hardware, etc. Check us out - or shoot me a PM here.There is good money to be made in the security business, but also a lot of hard work to get it too. People need to be sold on solutions and realize the amount of money they are putting out for a camera/dvr system is something they need. Many folks don`t see an ROI on security until something bad happens.Give me a little more info on your ideas and I can try to help out some more.~Allen
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