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Axandra Search Engine Facts 12.19.06

MartinGarciaMartinGarcia subscriber Posts: 4
All you need to know about search engine optimization in 2006 for Google, Yahoo and MSN. Just to give you an idea on how complicated it really is. (Click on the link below) Contact me if you have any questions regarding PinpointPages.com local websites.


  • NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    Martingarcia,Search Engine Optimization is not as hard as it seems. The problem with the big company`s such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN they make it hard in writing. Why would they make it easy? Making it easy means they would be loosing out on money, Correct? Although there are ome facts: Here are a few simples rules of thumb if you want to optimize your web site: 1. Keep your Title page to a minumum of 60 Characters(including white spaces) Do not include the words and, or, or symbols, these are called Stops.2. Your description Should not have more than 200 characters. 3. Your Keywords, should be 200 characters max. 4. Bold your keywords in your content5. use tags such as <h1><h2><h3> and the Alt="myimage" for your images. 6. make your content relevant to your keywords. 7. Submit all your pages instead of your index page. 8. If using flash make the flash objects small9. Use Key Phrases, and not keywords.. Humans don`t think in words we think in phrases. so instead of using a keyword like  "cheese" use the phrase: Cheese cake", "cheese factory" you get the point.10. Submit to all search engines only once a month. If you submit more than once a month you can be banned (your IP that is and that hinders everyone if you are on a shared IP) This is why it`s important that when you host with a hosting company assure that you are on a dedicated IP. Lets say Joeshmow.com is spamming the search engines.. Guess what? since you are on the same IP as joeshmow.com, there goes your Google Adwords Money down the drain.. But they don`t tell you that correct? They have your money so who cares... These are simple rules to follow. But its not as hard as it seems... Its fairly easy if you ask me.  10.
  • MartinGarciaMartinGarcia subscriber Posts: 4
    Egar, I agree 100% with your ten steps listed are easy. What really matters is the following:1. I`m looking for "web design consulting" (your home page title)2. I searched Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask, Gigablast (your website did not come up on any of the first three pages)3. Your website PageRank is between a two & three4. How much time will it take for your website to come up in the top 50 results?5. When do you expect for people to find you on any of the major search engines?After all that work it`s fairly hard to answer 4 & 5 if you ask me, but that`s my opinion.
  • Ziyapathan0143Ziyapathan0143 subscriber Posts: 150 Silver Level Member
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