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My name`s Vin, hello !! So I have an idea for a business in nyc and I`d love to hear your expert opinions regarding it.. The concept- a retail establishment selling fresh juice and nuts ..(what I consider nature`s perfect snack).  What do you think? I do have a business background (accounting and recently online marketing for a 350million dollar co.).  Have been a health nut for years as well..Now I understand I will need to find the right location, but with nyc rents being so high (450 sq ft for 5k a month), I`m not quite sure how I`ll be able to sell enough of the product to be profitable.    I did read the nightmare coffee shop article http://www.slate.com/id/2132576/  and it does have me frightened, but I`m an entrepreneur and as long as I`m breathing I will desire opening my own biz.  Feedback would be much appreciated. 
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    If you are passionate about this , that is a good start. I myself am not into juices and nuts...but sounds like an original concept. I guess it depends on how many folks are into this in your area. Have you done market research?
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    P.S. Maybe if I did eat juice and nuts I would be healthier...something to think about!
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    Hey stones, thanks for your reply.. I would like to position myself in an area that has natural health food stores/restaurants.. there are several in the city.  My target customer is educated, health conscious, could be young or old.. I`m not certain how I could go about doing market research.. 
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    Steve,An incredibly insightful post.  Thanks for taking the time to write it!  To answer the question about what my passion is..well since the age of 15 (I`m 32 now) I`ve desired having my own business.storefront.. the whole 9.  Furthermore, I have a passion for helping people be healthier (whether it be excercise/eating healthier/vegetarianism).   Sharing space with another retailer and starting really small is definitely a viable option and it`s something I`m considering.  But I do have some capital and good credit.  I`d like to define starting small as finding a storefront of let`s say 400-500 sqft., space that I can call my own and have the flexibility to make decisions without having a partner such as grocery store have an objection.  I feel as if I will need the space as well.. while nuts are small, I would like to stock a great variety.  Along with a variety of different fruits.  So storage space for inventory will be needed.I`ll agree with you Steve, situating myself in the right area with the right amount of foot traffic is essential, now if I can find the right landlord!
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    If you could get a spot in Penn Station that would be great. I remember
    many nights having to eat McDonalds on my train rides home because i
    wasn`t in the mood for a smoothie shake, and there weren`t many other
    healthy selections there. It`s been a few years since my commuter days,
    but plenty of foot traffic at Penn! Good luck...i would love a place to grab
    a healthy snack instead of settling for Starbuck`s low-fat chemical filled
    stuff when i am hungry and need a boost.
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    Hey, Craig, I am in the process of finding out exactly  how the FDA regulates fresh squeezed juice retailers, I hope they`re not too harsh-I love the cart idea; I see the idea developing from my initial concept.  The one problem I see with it is I don`t feel I can do a cart year round.. NY winters can be brutal (looking outside my window for confirmation..lol).  Kat, I work in the Penn station area, and there are many places where you can buy fresh juices now, even the delis have juicers.  It doesn`t make me feel great knowing I`m competing with these delis as they`re open all hours and are a one stop place for people to shop.  Competition`s part of life though, isn`t it..
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    Ok, so you gentlemen definitely have me thinking.. I`m still not sure if I can do the juicer on wheels idea, but it`s worth exploring.  I mean who wouldn`t want the winters off? ?  It sounds like fun.  My areas of concern, I can think of one area in which I`d like to do something like this- but I`m not sure what sort of regulations/fees are involved- I`ll find out.  Also , I`d also need running water (for cleanliness).  I`ll let you know what I find out!  Thankss! v
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    Hi VinQuick Question?What is Your Why for wanting to have a juice and nut shop?What do you believe is your purpose in life?You sound like a sharp guy with a lot of energy. I am correctin saying that?Do you have a game plan in which you want this business upand running?Have you consider having your business on-line (LOW OVER-HEAD)?You are a champion!!!George and Phil Duhart
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    Hey firedup, I want to make a community healthier, that`s just what i`ve always wanted.. I`m waiting for the day where i`ll be able to see mcdonalds franchises shutting down because of lack of business.  They`re just ruining the health of so many people. I don`t think i`m particularly sharp, I`m just a new yorker who really wants to succeed  Many people have doubted/ looked down upon on me in my life, I want to prove to the world (and myself) that I`m a winner.  I`m well aware this sounds cheesy, but it`s my truth.Thanks for your encouraging words, I really appreciate it.v
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    The local farmer`s markets would be a great outlet to test your products. You could keep your day job and work your business on weekends & evenings until you`ve built up a client base, etc.
    Alternatively, what about renting a kiosk somewhere like Chelsea Market or perhaps space in a hotel lobby? 
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