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What do you think of my business idea???

mmichudammichuda subscriber Posts: 4
edited October 2006 in Business Planning
Hello Everyone,   I have a business idea that I like but I dont know if there is a strong market for it. The problem my business solves:  Many wooden fences or wood posts rot quickly in the ground from moisture, bugs, etc.  I have figured out a way to form a waterproof plastic seal on the bottom of these posts to protect from rotting.    I want to design and sell a product which would possibly be a wooden fence. Competition:  Vynl plastic fences are very cheap attractive and easy to produce.  However, it does not have the rustic look a wood fence has.  Ok, I could change this idea to serve a few different purposes but I dont know where to go.  Im not sure what this market is like.  Please let me know any input.  Thank you very much!!!!


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    EllayEllay subscriber Posts: 6
    Sounds great but I am not a homeowner and I know nothing about home renovation, or the difference between textures or qualities. However, your product will appeal to those that are not neccesarily looking for "rustic". You are marketing to those who will gladly give up "rustic" for fences and posts that don`t rot.
    This product addresses an issue that I couldn`t have even pulled out of a hat. Make it and they will come!!!!Ellay2006-10-13 22:15:30
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    westnovawestnova subscriber Posts: 1
    Being a home owner I know all about fence posts and post "holes" that have to be taken out so a new fence can be put in. My solution was to pour concrete in the hole and then put a good post holder in the concrete so the galvinized post holder could remain and the post could be replaced. Your idea is another solution to an old problem that has been around for as long as fences posts have, which by the way is not long.  Wes 
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    LabnoLabno subscriber Posts: 4
    Unfortunately im not convinced about this idea,its effectively incorporating a Damp Proof Course concept used in building construction...it doesnt seem anything new and im sure there is other competition on the market elsewhere...it would also be easily replicated...i.m.o.
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    josijosi subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi, Just in case you havn`t all ready thought of it.  Get your idea patent. 
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