Texas Fee`s & Licenses

curbisidecurbiside subscriber Posts: 3
New business owner looking for some info.
Im starting a door2door company and will be collecting money at the door.  $5 will goes towards a charity of there choice.  The rest will be profit and supplies money.
I figured i would like to start by getting a DBA before i get a LLC, cause i really dont know how i will preform and if the company will profit or not.  I just want something to prove that i run a legit business so if they ask or if a cop stops me i would have documentation.  I will have soliciting permits already, so i know about those.
I will be making receipts as well for all customers.
I would like to know would a DBA be enough coverage for this to start ?
Does anyone know what DBA fee`s are in Texas ?
What office would i get a DBA from ?
Would i need a license to collect charity money as well ? 
I will be offering a service, and $5 is a incentive for the consumer!
I have a huge list of questions to ask, but these are the ones i would like to get out of the way first.


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