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How to advertise a service ?

curbisidecurbiside subscriber Posts: 3
edited March 2009 in Marketing
Im wondering how would i go about advertising a service the cheap and inexpensive way ??
I do not want to post on craigslist cause i live where craigslist is just flooded w/ bullcrap from other people.
I do not want to post ad in the paper.
Im looking for the post online locally and nationally. 


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    FlashFactoryFlashFactory subscriber Posts: 5
    Utilizing social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter has really helped with businesses. Setting up blogs also help when it comes to your company name popping up on search engines.
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    johnpatricjohnpatric subscriber Posts: 1
    imho you should use local targeted social networks on the net. If Your product has good reputation, boards and social networks are the best and no cost way to boost your sales.
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    MyMarketEASEMyMarketEASE subscriber Posts: 1
    First, let`s not approach the ideas as "cheap and inexpensive", but as "effective".  You may find hundreds of cheap ideas, but if they don`t provide a return on your investment then you would be better off finding the funding to invest in a high-cost/high-return strategy.
    Find out where your market is, or is going to, for information.  Then use some of the strategies already provided to begin getting in front of them.  Remember, repetition is key so stay as visible as you can.
    Good luck!
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    RitchieRitchie subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi friends,
    Thank you for your valuable reply. I would like to say that, what about those Services that are a mix of both Products and Service? I have one that is "sold" on Marketplace, but that's just the "Starter Kit" that covers the first few months of service, but from then on out it is pure service/subscription cost. If I could list it in a Services forum, would it get removed because it's sold as a Product first?
    Hope that helps!!
    Ritchie Blackmore
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    learnsomebusiness.comlearnsomebusiness.com subscriber Posts: 4 Member
    Advertising plays an important role in growing one’s business.basically to choose a channel where to advertise always keep in mind the type of audience.So , what is the free method to promote ?The free method or channel I am talking about is SOCIAL MEDIA .Millions of people use social media and you can easily find any kind of audience there . Why I am pointing again and again on the kind of audience is because if you are not advertising in the right place , then you will not get as much as traffic as you can get .There are different types of social media , every type of social media carries different kind of audience . So , try in all .Facebook , twitter , reddit, google plus – All kinds of audience are here .Instagram – Short videos and picturesPinterest – PicturesLinkedin – Jobs and businessQuora – Problem SolvingDo you want to know the techniques Facebook, Google, Pintrest etc. used ?Visit our website here its all free and takes only 2 mins to read .more at learnsomebusiness.com

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    Taskenator Ltd.Taskenator Ltd. subscriber Posts: 10 Bronze Level Member
    edited June 2019
    Advertising through Social Media is an effective way. This will not only let you gain customers but engaging with your subscribers would also give you insights as to what customers want in a product and how you can improve your service or product.
    You can also upload videos while pitching for your services on Instagram and Facebook stories.
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    AishleyAishley subscriber Posts: 27 Bronze Level Member


    As you may have know there are no free lunches, to promote a service you will require some budget. However, there is high budget required for PPC ads, if you have low budget then try SEO to get organic traffic to your services.

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    Aditi RaoAditi Rao subscriber Posts: 27 Bronze Level Member


    If you want to promote your services,

    • you can start your blog.
    • social media marketing. Social media platform helps you to gain exposure and make your business popular.
    • You can also start SEO for your website that helps you to rank your website.
    • Start Email Marketing. Send personalized Email/newsletters
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    Cory MonroeCory Monroe subscriber Posts: 11 Bronze Level Member

    Print media would be a better solution to your advertising problem. It's one of the cheapest yet best means of getting exposure to your business.

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    MikeGMikeG subscriber Posts: 11 Bronze Level Member

    Well if you could share what it is that you want to post than maybe we could find a better solution that would work for you. Social media is free but without a following its not going to do very much for you.. Craigslist is probably the biggest classified site but there are others just do a google search and you will find them.

    Does you city have community bulletin if so maybe the offer free to low cost posting on it. I don't know if you are religious but churches often have a monthly bulletin they pass out and usually has places for advertising.

    I hope this helps


    Mike Gandy

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    ChhaviChhavi subscriber Posts: 3 Member

    Email marketing and connecting with potential customers in your targeted region on LinkedIn is a great way to make people aware of your business and the services you offer.

    You can also check out www.brands-essential.com to get some more free tips on how to market services at no or low cost.

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