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Funding for fantastic ideas

innovaiteinnovaite subscriber Posts: 2
edited November 2007 in New Member Welcome
hi, my name is mark and i`m new to this site. I have some fantastic ideas but, need funding
or assistance in the patent/development department. Can anybody help?


  • GrillCharmerGrillCharmer subscriber Posts: 7
    Hello Mark and Welcome to the board!!
    There are a lot more (free) steps to take before you jump into the patent department.  Make sure you do your preliminary patent search to insure you`re infringing on someone else`s IP  (That`s free and should take you a few weeks)  I thought my eyes were going to pop out of my head by the time it was all over!
    Then, can you make a preliminary prototype inexpensively?  What genre is your invention?  I know you said you have "some" fantastic ideas and that`s well... fantastic, but brining an invention to market (or even licensing it) take tons of time and energy.  I would learn the ropes the first time around with the simplest idea w/ the most mass market appeal.  Then once you`ve got that one under your belt, the rest will be easy.... well.... easier!  Very Best of Luck!
  • innovaiteinnovaite subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks for the advice.                                 
  • innovaiteinnovaite subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks again for the advice. Please excuse the brevity of my previous post! I`m having trouble putting together a prototype simply due the fact that I have limited space/resources. In fact I have no space in the house (shared) to begin to start beavering away at all hours perfecting my creations. My inventions cover multiple genres, including leisure and baby products. I`m afraid I`m one of those people who has ideas for inventions almost on a daily basis, and this is a source of frustration. However, I will take your advice and concentrate on the simpler ones and hopefully I will soon have one under my belt. Thanks again.
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