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I need business cards.

startuprookiestartuprookie subscriber Posts: 1
edited May 2009 in Marketing
Does anyone have a recommendation for business cards online? I`ve never purchased business cards online and I`m wary of what I might get in the mail once I order.  I found a Custom Print Shop at paperdirect.com, but I need help deciding.


  • GoldenrodGoldenrod subscriber Posts: 1
    I got my business cards from www.vistaprint.com/bizcard They have different styles. Frank
  • CJEASONCJEASON subscriber Posts: 0
    Elite Business Services provides 5,000 free business cards. Visit there website www.elitesales.biz
  • JimCarrilloJimCarrillo subscriber Posts: 0
    For many people, this is going to sound cheezy, but I`ve made my own business cards ever since I started my first company in 1994.  I still use this method today as well - even though my company can more then afford buying cards in bulk.
    As I create new companies, or even just new projects in my company, I always find my self in need of a new card.  Either my title changes, I`m promoting a new product, or join a new organization.  You shouldn`t have to print 100 cards when all you need is 10.
    This is not one of those perforated edge things - I actually worked with a printer to understand exactly how cards are printed.  With today`s digital presses, you no longer have to run large quantities to get high quality at low cost.
    It starts with a power point template I developed over the years. I then have it printed on very specific paper at Office Max (special gloss card stock) in full color.  When all is said and done, cost is $0.12 per card, and you only need to create 12 cards at a time. 
    I`ve posted a blog entry on my site:  http://JimCarrillo.com , I explain exactly how I do this, and I even demonstrate how I cut the cards.  You`ll learn EVERYTHING you need to print quality business cards (again, not the perforated stuff), and represent your company well.
    I`ve also attached two files to the post.
    1.  Powerpoint template for business cards
    2.  Exact wording for email to send to Office Max for printing.
    Regardless of how you get cards, the most important thing is never go to an event without some type of card - it`s pretty bad if you have to say, "I`m still waiting for my cards to be printed."  That in itself says alot about your company.JimCarrillo9/23/2008 11:29 PM
  • RockinJoeRockinJoe subscriber Posts: 0
    I use Vista Print also, but make sure you check off the "no email" option or they`ll spam you several times a day-and no, I`m not exaggerating.
  • RemipubRemipub subscriber Posts: 3
    Hi startuprookie.  Feel free to take a peek at our website (link in signature line).  Yes you can get slightly cheaper cards from the likes of VistaPrint - but you are getting exactly that... cheap cards.  Your business card is a reflection of you and your business so be careful what image you want to present.  Especially when you can get very nice cards for not a lot of money - there`s really no reason to go the low quality route.
    I am proud to say that we got a gleaming review from a fellow Start Up Nation member who recently used the service.  It can be found on page two of the following thread.


    Best of luck in your business!
    Remipub9/24/2008 12:44 PM
  • DCCSCSDCCSCS subscriber Posts: 6
    vistaprint has been good for us, but each set of cards comes out a little differently.  If exact color matching doesn`t matter too much for your business, that should be fine.  We always get them very cheap and they are always running some sort of silly promotion too.
  • ahensley54ahensley54 subscriber Posts: 0
    I have used http://www.123print.com/
    Cheap and easy.  Look good though.
  • godlike1godlike1 subscriber Posts: 0
    Great website and low low prices, if you are still needing business cards. They also print things like brochures, letterhead, postcards, etc...
    Goodluck to you!
  • jarmainejarmaine subscriber Posts: 0
    Uprinting offers printing services for a wide variety of products, be it the more common business cards, brochures, catalogs, flyers, and posters, to the more tailored products, like hang tags, menus and sales sheets, labels and stickers, and calendars. Uprinting also offers a free file review even before you pay for your order, so you`ll be able to check your works before you commit. Excellent, dedicated customer service, plus reasonable turn around times, and high quality products.jarmaine5/28/2009 1:14 AM
  • mjohnstn1mjohnstn1 subscriber Posts: 1
    see below...
    mjohnstn15/29/2009 9:05 AM
  • mjohnstn1mjohnstn1 subscriber Posts: 1

    Thanks for the list Connie. That will really come in handy!  I`m starting up a marketing agency here in Boulder Creek, CA; so, I`m still not sure which online venders to use for what.  Another area you could really help me with is, graphics. Where can I spend around $20 - $30 per month to get decent marketing graphics for use on collateral and web pages? So far the only site in that price range I`ve found is www.graphicsfactory.com. But there selection is extremely limited.  It think it`s mostly targeted at home users. All the "professional" sites see to charge outrageous monthy fees, or outrageous per-image prices.  What do you recommend? thanks,Maggie
  • RemipubRemipub subscriber Posts: 3
    Hi Maggie,
    A couple of extensive resources for graphics images are:

    www.stockxpert.com and http://www.dreamstime.com/
    I have no affiliation with either of them other than the fact that I`ve purchased images from them at times.  You can pay per image (or buy a subscription if you`re going to use a ton) - far less expensive than many of the sites that sell images.
    The images are very good quality - fine for 99% of applications.
  • PrintMVPPrintMVP subscriber Posts: 0
    There are some great comments on here about business cards.  My suggestion would be to use a commercial printer and skip the watered-down solutions from Office Max, your home printer, etc.  Like someone mentioned, your business card is really an extention of you and your company...do you want it to be cheap?
    No one says to spend an arm and a leg, but there are many middle of the road solutions.  Def. make sure you hire a good graphic designer and print smaller runs of 250 or 500 because you`ll probably make changes to the design or tweak other aspects.  If you get a moment check out:http://www.printmvp.com/business-cardsPrintMVP8/4/2009 12:49 AM
  • artdigitaltechartdigitaltech subscriber Posts: 0
    There are several online printing company which can help you to design & print the best business card to impress your clients, which can help you to achieve more profits in your business.
  • eddie_justoeddie_justo subscriber Posts: 1
    Vista print are very good and extremely affordable too!
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