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I am trying to decide the best way to go about increasing our prospects and visitor-to-inquiry conversions. We have very good web traffic, but our conversions are only in the 0.3% range Anyone have any suggestions as to what may have worked?


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    Neat site.  I`ve always wanted to go to Thailand.  Never crossed my mind that it would be a golf destination.  I`m probably not alone.  I`m an avid golfer and would love to sneak a round or two in on a trip, but probably would be there for other reasons (beaches, food).  So, for me, the site would be more useful coming at me from that direction.  Ask me where I`ll be visiting and offer up courses in that area.  Make it simple.  Don`t overwhelm me.  Rate the courses by $ symbols or stars to give me an idea of how they stack up with each other.  I`ll want to play only the best.  Show the location on a map in the city I`m visiting.  Oh, and post rates in USD as well.  Also, I`m concerned about the language barrier, make my feel ok about that. 
    My guess is that 99% of Thailand tourists are not there on a golf trip but a great many of them would love to sneak a round of golf in.  I`d go after that market as well as the destinationers.  Just my 2 cents.  
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