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Do you start with what you know?

MarkTaylor68MarkTaylor68 subscriber Posts: 4
edited August 2012 in Selecting a Business
Hi Everyone,
For those people looking to start a business but may be undecided, do you think it's best to start with what you know (ie build on a strength) or look for an opportunity in the market place?
I guess there are pros and cons to both but would be glad to hear your views.
Best wishes,


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    MarkTaylor68MarkTaylor68 subscriber Posts: 4
    Hi everyone,
    Thanks for your input here, guys. I am inclined to agree that you should start with what you know and build on a strength, rather than simply scan for an opportunity that captures your imagination - I think it's too easy to get blind-sided that way. That said, I think the 'inside out' approach can have it's drawbacks, too. For example, how easy is it to be really objective about our own strengths and weaknesses? And what if no business ideas suggest themselves? At the end of the day, I guess it is a matching process - finding an overlap between what you are good at and a genuine opportunity that exists in the marketplace.
    I really like what CC says (above) - the minimum criteria has to be enjoyment - I've heard it said that if you find a job you love you'll never work again!
    Best wishes,
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