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Communicating to Our Troops

markgmarkg subscriber Posts: 1
edited February 2015 in Veterans
Can you give me any insight as to vehicles to spread the word of our Warrior Entrpereneur course for opening a business and investing in real estate?
Do you read Military Times and base newspapers?
Do you frequent social networking sites such as My Space and Facebook?
Do you subscribe to any e-newsletters?
What other websites do you frequent?
Thank you for any help you can give.
Mark G.


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    russbrussb subscriber Posts: 3
    I can tell you that in our squadron (Air Force Staff Sergeant here) the Military Times, Stars and Stripes, and local smaller papers like the Kaiserslautern American are provided daily for us to read throughout work time. Sometimes the mission doesn`t allow us to break long for reading the news, but at least once I see everyone from the newest Airman to the highest Officer pick up the paper to skim it.
    Some simple math for my squadron (just the operations floor mind you):
    30 Airman per shift, with 3 rotating shifts = About 90 readers
    365 days a year (no holidays in my job) times 90 readers = about 32,850 views/yr
    Imagine all the squadrons, battalions, or whatnot through the military. (These numbers are VERY rough estimates)
    I would suggest the larger military papers, and then do some looking for local papers that serve larger bases possibly. The local papers get lots of face time with us since we often look for used vehicles, houses, and other classifieds fairly regularly.
    As far as websites , officially at work we can use .GOV and .MIL sites, major news outlets (CNN, ABC, FOX, etc.), and possibly some .EDUs. Depending on your command though, you have a little leeway with .COMs. Most members (in my experience) have MySpace accounts to "keep up with past friends".
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    rajinenterprisesrajinenterprises subscriber Posts: 3
    Could you expound upon the Course? What does it entail? Is it for fee? Is it Face to Face or over the internet? Etc....Thanks!
    P.S. I think Russb provided you great info. Those are the same papers I would have given you. Based upon your answer above, maybe I can provided more ideas.
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    dawnofscottdawnofscott subscriber Posts: 0
    I can affirm that almost everyone who can lay hands on a copy of stars and stripes, or the army times reads it cover to cover where I`m stationed (Baghdad) so I would recommend writing them directly to advertise, or even write an article for them about what you offer to Veterans, we all want to know whats available when we come home. And yes, a lot of the soldiers seem to have access to facebook and other social networking sites, hours of use are rather limited due to operational tempo though!
    Sgt Soulia, Medic. USARNG VBC
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    jocurinoijocurinoi subscriber Posts: 0
    @markg I hate WAR and i never want to be part of it!

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