How recessions make more millionaires

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If you go to the mall and ask the first person you see to describe the economy, what do you think they will say?
Probably it will be "not enough jobs." I would like to share some findings with you and for you to join in with our comments.
This common answer is the reason marketing leader, Dan Kennedy, has released a free video series that turns that thought on its head.
You will find out how most millionaires are made during, and right after, a recession.
http://RenegadeMillionaireVideos.comYou can find out about the connection between the recession and millionaires and post your comments here.
And because of the current recession, the number of millionaires is expected to almost double in the next ten years.
The problem, however, is that people have been conditioned to keep their eyes in their computer screens at work, and push ahead in fear.This recession is actually the best time to create wealth simply by being more fascinating, and creating marketing that is magnetic.Marilyn MadisonRM Mentor


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